Create External IDs in Salesforce

Creating External IDs in Salesforce

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Setup’ in your Salesforce org. In Salesforce Lightning Experience, select the cog at the top right of the screen and then select ‘Setup’.

Step 2: Select ‘Object Manager’, then select ‘Account’.

Step 3: Select ‘Field & Relationships’, then select ‘New’.

Step 4: Select ‘Text’ as the Data Type and then select ‘Next’.

Step 5: Enter details for ‘Field Label’, ‘Length’ & ‘Field Name’ as shown below. Then tick ‘External ID’. Select ‘Next’.

Step 6: Choose which Profiles have access and then select ‘Next’.

Step 7: Assign the External ID field to the Account Page Layout and then select ‘Save’.

Step 8: An external ID has been created for the Account Object and will be selectable on the InvoiceThis Xero Setup screen.

You will need to repeat the steps for the Contact Object by selecting ‘Contact’ in Step 2.