How to create an Invoice

Step 1 – From the Home Tab select the drop down arrow on the Invoice Tab and select ‘New Invoice’

Step 2 – You will be presented with the following screen to fill in the details of your invoice. Once completed, select ‘Save’.

The following table describes each field:

Invoice Details:

Contact – The Contact to be invoiced
Date – The date the invoice is to be created and sent
Due Date – The date the invoice is to be paid
Invoice # – The Invoice number for tracking purposes
Reference – The reference for the client to use for banking purposes
Branding – The theme/template of the Invoice
Invoice Type – Account Receivables or Accounts Payables
Amounts are – The tax implications of the final amount (Exclusive, Inclusive or No tax)
Status – The status of the invoice (Draft, Submitted, Paid etc)

Line Item:

Description – Line item explanation of the what is to be invoiced
QTY – The amount of the item
UNIT PRICE – The price per unit of the item
ACCOUNT – The account in your General Ledge that the invoice pertains to
TAX TYPE – The type of tax that corresponds to the line item